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google adword -pay per click

No. 1 Google Adwords Service – Pay Per Click

Google Adwords is a paid Google advertising platform that allows the advertiser to display their advertising over the web – usually for business promotion. This is the best promotional tool for gaining the attention of the targeted audience for yielding better results through your online ads.

Adwords can help in increasing the number of customers – who can view your business and grow an online presence. In the earlier times, business owners usually face difficulty to afford the expensive advertising for their products and services, but now Google Adwords has made it easy; as it offers an inexpensive way to spread your business across the world. Use Google AdWords for getting paid traffic to your site through the PPC network.

PPC (Pay per Click), which is also known as cost per click and it’s a model in which the advertiser pays every time a user clicks on its ad on various search engine and social channels. When someone searches for a specific keyboard, this allows the advertisers to show their business ads related to the search keyword over the search engine. The keywords on which a user is bidding must be relevant and of the highest quality.

google adword -pay per click

There are varied types of Google Adword campaign -:

  • Display Advertising – This advertisement technique is used to display the products for sale online over the web.
  • Shopping Advertising – It is a medium through which an advertiser can advertise the listings of their products in the search network.
  • Video Advertising – This advertising is best to engage more number of the targeted audience anywhere and at any time.
  • Search Advertising – Through this technique when a particular keyword is being searched the ads will be shown directly on the search engine site.
  • Mobile Advertising – In mobile advertising, one can promote their business through the mobile app.